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The Comet is a boss that was added on October 12, 2019. It has extensive lore surrounding it.


There is much lore surrounding Comet. These are known disconnection phrases:

  • "Comet was originally on the side of tanks due to it having a circular body."

Comet once was apparently on the side of the tanks, unlike the current times.

  • "Comet was originally brown."

Comet was originally on the Brown Team (A team appearing in the lore many times) and is occasionally brown to this day (has a 5% chance to be brown).

  • "Orange Polygons were made by the Comet to help out tanks, back when the Comet was on the side of the tanks."

Orange polygons are very strong and give a lot of score. They are also close to Brown, which is the original Comet's color.

  • "The 1st war convinced the Comet that the tanks were in the right since he believed that the Summoner killed first."

The Comet believed that the Summoner killed the first Destroyer, inciting the war.

  • "The Comet was colored brown since the Brown Team was the biggest force in the 1st war."

The Brown Team was a very old part of Diep.io and is the source of much of the surrounding lore, even in Arras.io and Woomy-Arras.io

  • The Comet is a Hemisphere.

The Comet belongs to the cryptic hemispheres group and is a hemisphere.

  • Orange Polygons were meant to be Brown. The reason why is up for debate

The Orange Polygons created by the Comet were meant to be brown, it's original color.


Comet has a circular cyan base, which has a 5% to be brown when Comet spawns. On top of its base, Comet has four equally aligned Twin Assassin auto-turrets. At the rear, it has a long Chain Gun thruster and two more Blaster turrets to the sides of it.


Comet has normal health and very fast speed, and by far is the fastest boss in the game, and will always try to ram the enemy. Its thruster bullets deal almost no damage but boost the boss a lot. Its auto bullets have decent damage and bullet speed, but somewhat low penetration and RoF.


Spawns by a randomizer.


Comet has a very high speed and is faster than most tanks. Combined with its high health, it will easily ram and kill almost any player. As such, when attempting to kill a Comet you have only two ways to go. The first way of killing this boss is being faster than it while shooting from the back. Tanks like Descender and Fighter-H can kill the Comet considering they will run away and having maximum reload and movement speed.

Another way of killing a Comet is by luring it near an obstacle, like a rock or maze wall. Then, keep yourself near the opposite side of the obstacle. Do not pick a small or medium-sized rock, as Comet will just be able to squish through it due to its high speed. You will be safe behind a large rock, so picking a minion, drone, or trap tank will allow you to easily kill the Comet. If you are unable to initiate either plan while the Comet is locked on you, you are likely screwed.


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