Controls refer the various keybinds and mousebinds that make function.


Default Key Performs
W Moves tank up
A Moves tank left
S Moves tank down
D Moves tank right
1 Upgrades Body Damage
2 Upgrades Maximum Health
3 Upgrades Bullet Speed
4 Upgrades Bullet Health
5 Upgrades Bullet Penetration
6 Upgrades Bullet Damage
7 Upgrades Reload
8 Upgrades Movement Speed
9 Upgrades Shield Regeneration
0 Upgrades Shield Capacity
E Toggles Autofire
C Toggles Autospin
R Toggles AI Override
N Level up

Pressing once levels up one level

Pressing and holding levels up to 60.

M Maximize selected stat

Used like M+1, M+2, etc

U Toggles class tree (warning: very laggy)
Q Switches tank mode for Switcheroo
Space Left Click
Shift key Right Click


Mouse Performs
Left Mouse Button (LMB) Fires weapons, focuses drones. (unless Autofire is on)
Right Mouse Button (RMB) Repels drones, starts animations on some tanks, secondary fire, scoping ability on Single-class tanks, special ability.
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