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Crashers are small- to medium-sized polygons that can chase and Damage tanks. Some crashers deal minimal damage while others can kill multiple tanks without healing. Many of the smaller and weaker crashers give little or no experience. The larger crashers are known as Crushers. All Crashers and Crushers primarily spawn in the Pentagon Nest or in sanctuaries.


Crashers originated in Diep.io in late 2016. They were intended to protect the Pentagon Nest by swarming players. The only crasher in Diep.io is the small pink triangle, and comes in 2 different sizes.

In Arras.io, crashers have another partner to defend the Pentagon Nest with them; however, sentries are of a different kind than crashers. They are harder to kill and give about 1k points.

In Woomy-Arras.io, crashers come in many different shapes and sizes, and some have poison or chill effects. Crashers of all kinds regularly spawn in the Pentagon Nest and regularly kill players and AI alike.


Crashers and Crushers usually spawn in the Pentagon Nest. However, they can also evolve from shapes and spawn from the spawning of Sanctuaries of the death of bosses. Tri blades and red runners evolve from triangles.


Due to the ambiguity of Woomy-Arras.io's changelogs, some crashers and crushers could not be located.

Woomy-Arras.io's crasher originally gave no points. However, on 29 April 2018, they began to give 1-3 points, which they still do today. On 19 May 2018, Crasher damage was nerfed, and on 12 August 2018, during a Maze mode event, Crashers were able to go through maze walls. This coincided with Diep.io's crasher update which did the same thing.

The first new crashers, Flash and Crusher, were added on 23 December 2018. The next day, many edits and additions were made to the various crashers. A frenzy of patches and changes were made from 24 December to 26 December, adding a total of 5 crashers and crushers. On 10 April 2019, the Mega Crusher was added. No edits were made to crashers or crushers during the rest of 2019.

On 24 January 2020, Ice Crushers and Poison Tri-Blades were added. On 31 January, Long Boys were added. On 29 February, Wallets were added, On 18 March 2020, Crusher and its variant split into 3 Crusher Fragments and Ice Crusher Fragments, respectively. On the same day, Explosive Crushers and Dashers were added. Red Runner, the only tiering crasher (so far), was added on 19 March, as were Splitter shapes and Phasers; a number of other additions were made on that day during 3 patches. Trapezoid Crashers, among the rarest in Woomy, were added on 20 March 2020. Green Runners were added on 22 March, and Destroyers were given the ability to carry a Summoner Square in its back on 6 April 2020. On 27 October 2020, the Crasher Sanctuary was added.


Usually, it's really hard to get through the Pentagon Nest without getting rammed by at least a couple crashers. But there are some strategies you can use to keep the pests away.

Using a tank like Tornado or a Hexa Machine upgrade is the obvious choice for shielding yourself from crashers as these tanks can defend from all sides. If you're using a tank with low reload like Warden or Decentralizer, however, it'll be harder to defend yourself and it would be smart to stay away from the nest. Any Propeller-branch tanks wouldn't have much trouble because they could escape/outrun most crashers.


Crashers and Crushers (list updated as of 25 December 2020)
Type Name Picture Health XP
Crasher Crasher Crasher.png 0.5 1
Crasher Green Runner Green Runner.png 0.4 5
Crasher Destroyer Destroyer (Crasher).png 1 25
Crasher Summoner Square Summoner Square.png 0.6 25
Crasher Grouper Grouper.png 0.5 5
Crasher Long Boy Long Boy.png 0.35 10
Crasher Waller Waller (Crasher).png 0.5 1
Crasher Poison Tri-Blade Poison Triblade.png 1.5 10
Crasher Tri-Blade Triblade.png 1.5 10
Crasher Flash Flash.png 0.5 3
Crasher Semi-Crusher Semi-Crusher.png 1 15
Crasher Trapezoid Crasher Trapezoid Crasher.png 0.75 20
Crasher Crusher Fragment Crusher Fragment.png 1? 0
Crasher Ice Crusher Fragment Ice Crusher Fragment.png 1? 0
Crusher Ice Crusher Ice Crusher.png 3 100
Crusher Crusher (Crasher) Crusher (Crasher).png 3 100
Crusher Explosive Crusher Explosive Crusher.png 60 200
Crusher Red Runner Red Runner Tier 1.png 10-(~300) 5-100
Crasher Phaser Phaser.png 5 1
Crasher Dasher Dasher (Crasher).png 5 1
Crasher Wallet Wallet.png 0.5 25,000
Crusher Asteroid Asteroid (Crusher).png 80 1500+
Crusher Vis Destructica Vis Destructica.png 100 30000+
Crusher Mega Crusher Mega Crusher.png 300 2000
Regular Crashers Crasher • Crusher FragmentDasherDestroyerFlashGrouper • Ice Crusher FragmentLong BoyPoison Tri-BladeSemi-CrusherSummoner SquareTrapezoid CrasherTri-BladePhaserWaller
Crushers AsteroidCrusherExplosive CrusherIce CrusherSemi-Swarm CrusherMega CrusherVis DestructicaWallet
Tiering Crashers Red Runner
Developer-Only Crashers Blue RunnerClutter
Sentries Flash SentrySentryQuadral SquareScorcher SentryOrbit
Lites Collider LiteDeltrablade LiteElite Skimmer LiteGuardian LitePS3_33 LitePulsar LiteAWP-39 Lite