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The Crowbar is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Flank Sniper.png Flank Sniper and the Prybar.png Prybar at level 60.


The Crowbar has a circular body and a long Sniper gun in front. On its back are two turrets with a set of three guns on each one.


The Crowbar's main gun deals similar damage to the Sniper but has a slightly slower rate of fire. Its bullets are fast and powerful.

Each of its turrets has three guns and fires like the Triplet. However, these turrets have much less reload and power. Their bullets are also very small.

The Crowbar's turrets are uncontrollable and have a wide arc just slightly less than 180 degrees, turning to aim at any target within their arc.


The Crowbar upgrades from the Flank Sniper.png Flank Sniper and the Prybar.png Prybar at level 60.

The Crowbar does not upgrade to any tank.


As the Crowbar

  • Your turrets will automatically try to fend off enemies on your back and sides.
  • Sometimes your turrets might reveal your presence when you're trying to sneak up on someone. To avoid this, use the R key to disable it.

Against the Crowbar

  • Like all turrets, the Crowbar's turrets cannot shoot at drones or incoming bullets.
  • The Crowbar's turrets will fire at any enemies trying to flank it from behind or its sides.
  • Due to their limited arc, the Crowbar's turrets cannot fire completely forwards, leaving it with only its frontal gun for offense.


The Crowbar was added as a Beta Tank at an unknown time and added to the game on March 29, 2019. It was then accidentally removed then readded.


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