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The Crusher Fragments are Crashers that spawns when a Crusher dies.


The Crusher Fragments are small, purple diamond shaped Crashers.


The Crusher Fragments spawns in a group of 3 when a Crusher dies.


The Crusher Fragments are very weak, they have almost no health and low body damage.


These Crashers are almost harmless, but if you got entirely hit by the Crusher, these 3 Crashers will finish the job. So to prevent this you should avoid the Crusher and shot at it, so when it dies the bullets will have enough health to kill the Fragments too. But in case you have a ram build, the best option would be to kill the Crusher and the escape from the Fragments while you regenerate, and then kill the Fragments too. Another option would be to kill both of them, but doing this gives the Fragments a small chance to kill you.


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