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The Deltrablade Lite is a strong Sentry that has a Tri-Blade as its base and has 3 Pounder turrets on it.


The Deltrablade Lite is a irregular 9-sided polygon with Pounder Turrets on its Blades. Its design is based on the Deltrablade, which is why it evolves from the Tri-Blade.


The Deltrablade Lite's turrets swivel to directly attack any enemy. Thus, they can deal a lot of damage.

The Deltralade Lite can spawn in the Pentagon Nest or from the rare evolution of a Tri-Blade.


The Deltrablade Lite has high bullet speed, health and penetration, so using a bullet spammer is advised. Snipers don't really work against it as it can outpenetrate almost any sniper branch tank. It also has high body damage, so don't try to ram it unless you are a rammer.

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