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Disambig.png This article is about Destroyer (Crasher). For Destroyer (Tank), see Destroyer.

The Destroyer is a Crasher that naturally spawns in the Pentagon Nest and has high Body Damage.

It gives 25 Experience and naturally spawns in the Pentagon Nest.

This crasher boasts both strength and speed, being a worthy challenger to any tank that comes across it. İt cannot one-shot a Level 0 Basic, only barely taking it out (The square is not included.). The main danger with these crashers is their commonness; one may often be attacked by several at once along with other crashers


A Destroyer is a white, irregular nonagon with 3-sided concave part which may have a Summoner Square.


A Destroyer gives 25 experience and has low health. Despite this, it's high Body Damage poses a threat to any tank. Destroyers move slightly slower than other crashers, perhaps because they are larger.

When a Destroyer passes by an idle Summoner Square that has been released from a Splitter Square, Supersplitter Square or a natural Summoner Square, the Summoner Square will home in on the Destroyer. Once the Square reaches the Destroyer, it will attach to the back of the Destroyer.

When the Destroyer is killed, if it has a Summoner Square attached to it, the Summoner Square will spawn and attack the player who killed the Destroyer. A glass cannons tank can absorb 2 normal Destroyers before death. A glass cannons build can be killed in one go if there is an attached Summoner Square.


  • Destroyer is the only crasher that has the ability to carry another type of crasher on its back.
  • This may be because the First Destroyer and the Summoner are tied together in Woomy-Arras.io lore.


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