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The Director is a Tier 2 Tank upgrading from the Basic at level 15. The main focus of its branch is drones instead of bullets.


The Director has a circular body with a single trapezoidal drone spawner at its front instead of a barrel.


The Director is a drone tank, meaning it controls drones instead of shooting bullets.

Holding the fire button (or enabling autofire) will make your drones follow your mouse cursor. While not otherwise in action, drones circle their owner until an enemy or shapes come close enough to trigger the automatic defense that drones provide.

It can control a maximum of 6 drones and has a slightly larger FoV than the Basic.

The Director's gun stats mean very different things than the Basic's. Drones have different base stats and mechanics from bullets. For example, the range stat is misleading as drones do not die after a certain amount of time. Nonetheless, the stats are provided here for reference.


The Director upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Director can upgrade to the following:


As the Director

  • The Director is a powerful tank, but its low reload can render it defenseless if an attack fails. Keep in mind that with only six drones it is very important to have strong drones and you may want to frequently refresh your drones.
  • Use your increased FoV to swipe AI from the side without them seeing you.
  • Attack tanks with low health, especially if they have a low-penetration tank.
  • Stay away from Red Runners and other strong, fast crashers, as you can be hit by them while fighting another tank. Ergo: avoid the nest.

Against the Director

  • The Director's lack of extra barrels makes replenishing its drones a long task.
  • You can easily out gun the directer's drones then aim the directer and kill it.
  • Powerful bullets can easily destroy drones and force the Director to reload.
  • Agile tanks like the Propeller can also manuever around drones and attack the Director directly. You will have a bad time surviving.


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