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The Dirigible is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Basiception at level 45. It is the start of the helicopter-branch tanks. 


The Dirigible has a rotor that spins clockwise where the auto-turret used to be. It has a barrel in the front with the same stats as the Basic. It has a trapezoid that tapers away from the tank body. The trapezoid has a line splitting it in half, and can be thought as the tail of the Dirigible. There is a small rotor on the trapezoid.  Both rotors have 4 blades. 


The Dirigible can continue to move in the direction that it was just moving in, even when the player is not pressing the wasd or arrow keys. The Dirigible also does not suffer recoil. It can be pushed by players, crashers, polygons, and projectiles. It can also fly through borders in Portal Domination. The Dirigible cannot go through portals, and is not affected by the portal’s pull, making this the only way of traversing the different sections of the map. The Dirigible can fly over rocks, base protectors, portals, dominators and the maze walls. Doing so will damage the Dirigible. 


The Dirigible upgrades from the Basiception.png Basiception at level 45. It upgrades into the following:


As the Dirigible

  • The Dirigible can be used as a hit-and-run tank. Simply move towards the tank, then focus on shooting and making slight adjustments to your direction. The Dirigible will continue to move in the general direction. 
  • Be very careful around rocks and maze walls. Even though you do not take much damage, it can still be fatal. 
  • In Portal Domination, you can easily get from dominator to dominator simply by going through the barrier. 

Against the Dirigible


  • It is almost impossible to completely stop moving.
    • However if you hold a move key, switch to another tab, take your hand off the move key, switch back to Woomy, and click the same key. You will stop moving.
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