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Disambig.png This article is about the boss. For the tank, see Dropship (Tank).

Dropship is a strong, white boss that holds the record for most 10 million scores on the leaderboard at once and is also extremely powerful. It features assassin bullets, traps, and minion drones. Its highest known score is 15.8 million.


Dropship was added on 24 May 2020 as a spawnable boss. On 1 June 2020 the assassin barrel was found to shoot traps and was patched. On patch 01/31/2020 (1) it was mentioned that it changed dropship's design and gave it upgrades.


The Dropship is shaped like an arrow with 8 sides. It features two trapper auto-turrets, two minion drone spawners (placed inside the arrow) and one powerful assassin turret that always faces the target.


The Dropship is extremely strong, though it has been known to be defeated by relatively weak tanks due to it sometimes not attacking nearby tanks. It regularly gets scores over 1 million, especially in FFA, where it kills bots continually.

The FoV of the minion drones is about 40% of the FFA map width. The assassin bullets and traps are very strong. The boss also moves quickly. Due to its strange shape, the rectangular hitbox lets players hit the dropship without the bullets actually touching it.


Defeating the Dropship is a major challenge, even with very strong tanks. In most modes, working together (even if on opposite teams (which is frowned upon, by the way)) is the best way to defeat it. If it is in a Maze Mode, attracting it into a wall is the best way to kill it. If in domination modes, attract it near a controlled dominator.

In FFA or team modes, have at least two people attracting the minions, and have at least two others actually fighting the boss. The traps will usually protect it somewhat,, and minions will respawn regularly as they get destroyed.

It is known to occasionally ignore tanks right next to it when selecting targets, which may be an FoV or AI bug. Due to this, even a trapper can defeat the Dropship with the right build.




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