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The Egg is a small shape with nearly 0 health. It is the lowest-tiered shape and spawns mainly at the beginning of a server to start the shape-evolution process. Egg has two more different versions, both of which are spawned by sanctuaries. Giant Egg is the version of egg that is spawned from the Egg Sanctuary, and Golden Egg is spawned from Golden Sanctuary.


The egg exists in Arras.io, and was likely added originally. It has not been changed since its addition. Giant eggs and Golden Eggs were added in 2017 to be produced by the Golden and Egg sanctuaries, respectively.


All egg variants are circular in shape. The regular egg is a small ivory circle, about one-quarter the size of an average square.


All egg variants have 0.0011 health, making it basically harmless and can be killed by even the weakest bullet. They can be infected by the Eggmancer. Eggs can only evolve into Square.


Eggs are a good starting point if you have low level, and need to upgrade to the second tier. It is advised to either start farming from an egg or a square, so you can upgrade stats to be able to eliminate stronger shapes. On higher levels, eggs became far less viable and are not good source of experience. Another strategy may be to wait until eggs evolve into squares if you are having a low level. Do not be afraid to ram eggs, as they deal completely no damage.

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