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The Eggmancer is a tier 5 that upgrades from the Necromancer at level 60. 


The Eggmancer has a circular body, unlike other Underseer-branch tanks. It has 2 spawners placed in a way similar to the Lightning.pngLightning. The spawners are very small. 


Eggmancers spawn cheeseball drones. These drones are fairly weak on their own, but can be used to defeat even strong tanks when many of them are available. These drones can infect Eggs, Giant Eggs, Snowballs, and Golden Eggs.


The Eggmancer upgrades from the Necromancer.png Necromancer at level 60. It does not upgrade any further. 


As the Eggmancer

  • If an Egg Sanctuary has just spawned, go to the egg sanctuary. It always spawns a lot of regular eggs along with its giant eggs. 
  • Your drones are tiny. Instead, go with other tanks and use your drones as a “shield”
  • Play an Eggmancer like a Destroyer class.

Against the Eggmancer

  • Use bullet spammer tanks. The drones are pretty weak. 
  • Attack the Eggmancer when it has low health, drones, or both. 


  • Eggmancer was added to the Testbed Beta tanks on 3 January 2020.
  • Eggmancer was released on 17 February 2020.


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