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Elite Inferno is a boss that was added on July 14, 2019. Soon, it was temporarily removed and nerfed, and re-added back into the game. After a year, it was nerfed even more. It was incredibly OP before nerfs, but now it is only somewhat stronger than other elite bosses.


Elite Inferno has a pink triangle base with an Inferno turret on top and two Machine Gun auto-turrets on each edge of its base. In the center of each edge, Elite Inferno has swarm drone launcher


Elite Inferno used to be extremely OP, but now it is far less strong. Its Inferno has high damage, but penetration and bullet health is relatively low. Its Machine Gun turrets play an important role, as they have medium damage and penetration, but high bullet health and speed. These turrets help the boss in defense a lot, while its swarm drones help it in the offense. Swarm drones have decent damage and health, they are spawned at a pretty fast rate and have high speed.


Spawns by a randomizer.


Also, Elite Inferno is now far weaker than before, it still should be noted that is very strong and only a few tanks can defeat it in solo. A Ceptionist branch is very effective against Elite Inferno, as the bullet spread will help you to eliminate swarm drones. It is advised to not upgrade bullet speed, as Elite Inferno has decent movement speed and can ram into your bullets. Shield regeneration is advised as you will be able to minimize damage dealt by its swarm drones. Move in a left-right pattern, and keep medium range as flares will become very strong at long range. Splitter can also do this effectively, as you have more DPS and higher penetration, but less protection against swarm drones. As a splitter, it is advised to kill Elite Inferno as fast as possible, and a closer range is better than the medium range.

Another method of killing Elite Inferno involves using multiple players. Get one player to distract the boss, ideally a bullet spammer that will stay at longer ranges. Also, flares will have high penetration, you will not take any damage, nor will Elite Inferno be able to deal damage to you. In the meanwhile, another player can deal high damage to distracted Elite Inferno. Any tank with high RoF can penetrate two its Machine Gun turrets, so it will fall pretty fast. Getting VPN with strong bullets can allow you to easily kill Elite Inferno without fighting it.


  • Pre-nerf Elite Inferno's highest score was 56.49 million.
  • Elite Inferno is by far the only boss to have flares as ammunition.
  • Elite Inferno is one of the more common Elite Bosses.


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