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The Elite Skimmer Lite is a Sentry that has a triangle base and a Hyper Skimmer turret on the back that fires missiles. It spawns in the Pentagon Nest frequently, and is one of the most common types of Sentries.


The Elite Skimmer Lite has a triangle body with a small Hyper Skimmer turret on back. It is similar in color to the Elite Skimmer, hence its name. Unlike its boss version, Skimmer Lite does not autospin. This may be because the Elite Skimmer Lite has only one Auto-turret, and it is meant to only fire backwards.


The Elite Skimmer Lite's turret in on the back, so it only fires at objects behind it. The bullets sprayed out by the missiles deal the same damage as Elite Skimmer's missile bullets, so even though Skimmer Lite fires only backward, be careful of the resulting bullets from its missiles. Remember, the bullets from the Skimmer Lite do not fire directly backwards, so if the turret is straight and you stay in front of it, you will be safe.


  • This sentry was added on 11 April 2020 and released on 24 June 2020.
    • It was an idea by PS3_33.
  • The Elite Skimmer Lite is the only non-Pink Sentry with an auto-turret to not spin. All other Sentries that are not pink and have an auto-turret will spin.

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