The environment of Woomy Arras refers to the server layout and the behavior of entities within the game. The environment is where entities are spawned, tanks are chosen, and battles are continually fought.

Map layout

Historical gamemodes (2017- February 2020)

The original Woomy layout consisted of a free-for-all (FFA) server with no teams and dozens of obstacles. The map was changed to mothership, domination, maze, and other gamemodes before being reverted to FFA again. In March 2020, the domain name was purchased and three new servers, all in "US East," were bought. In June 2020 four more servers were bought to handle the increasing activity..


FFA consists of a hollow square pentagon nest with obstacles within it. At the corners of the map and pentagon nest are more obstacles, and a few obstacles spawn between the map's corners. There are no teams in FFA, though there are usually truces in order to fight bosses or feed and protect large shapes for fun.


4 Team Deathmatch consists of four team bases (Purple, Red, Green, and Blue going clockwise from Northeast), which each have obstacles in front of them facing the pentagon nest. The pentagon nest sometimes has obstacles in the center, but most obstacles are along the sides of the map.


2 Team Deathmatch consists of 2 team bases (Blue and Red) which each have four base protectors and four obstacles facing the other team. The Pentagon Nest is rectangular instead of square. Obstacles generate at the top and bottom of the map.

2TDM Domination

2 Team Deathmatch Domination consists of two team bases (red and blue) on opposite corners of the map and five dominator bases. The dominator bases are originally on the shapes' team (yellow) and must be fought to win them over to a team. The team that gets the final hit gets the dominator. The central dominator sits within the pentagon nest and attracts all sentries and crashers when it is owned by a team. The pentagon nest is a hollow blue square with obstacles on all four sides. There are minor obstacles in front of the team bases and along the sides of the map.

2TDM Portal Domination

2 Team Deathmatch Portal Domination consists of four sections of the arena. Each section is divided by barriers that only bullets and helicopter tanks can go through. There are four dominators, one in each section. There are two teams, red and blue, whose bases are randomly placed in the arena. There is a pentagon nest around each portal, which is a dark square that teleports players between regions.

4TDM Maze

4 Team Deathmatch Maze consists of four team bases (purple, red, green, and blue going clockwise from northeast) and a complex network of walls to create a maze. It is really only practical to attack the adjacent teams in this gamemode The Pentagon Nest sometimes has a few obstacles in its center but the arena is otherwise void of obstacles.

4TDM Mothership

4 Team Deathmatch Mothership consists of an FFA-4TDM merge, with the team bases being nonexistent in favor of the mobile mothership. Each team gets one mothership with 1 million score at launch. The game ends when there is one mothership left. Obstacles are placed similarly to FFA.

Developer Server

The Developer Server is restricted for use by only beta-testers and game developers. Sometimes, the arena is made public for events, which commonly feature huge Motherships/Rangerships, Oganessons, or other immensely overpowered tanks. Certain Sentries can be accessed and are playable, though they are very weak.

Entity behavior

Entities, such as shapes, tanks, bosses, and sentries, randomly spawn throughout the map. Bases and players spawn within a randomly chosen base. Bases send out swarm drones that kill any enemy tanks too close to base. Bases instantly kill any enemy, including bosses, that enter the base.

Shapes spin and roll around in a mostly shapeless pattern and slowly grow from eggs and squares to triangles, pentagons, beta pentagons, or higher. Occasionally, shapes may become green instead of upgrading, and may then become burnt instead of upgrading. Triangles may turn into tri-blades or tier 2 Red Runners, and Eggs may turn into Summoner Squares.

Bosses spawn randomly throughout the game or from naturally generated sanctuaries. Some bosses slowly tier up after a time or split upon death into smaller bosses.

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