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Developer notice icon.png This entity is not accessible in game normally.
This page refers to content that is in the Developer Tanks category and is only accessible to Senior Testers and Developers.

The Event Developer is accesible to anyone during a TESTBED Event.

The Event Developer is the starter tank you spawn as during TESTBED events. It branches into the many developer tanks, sentries, and removed tanks.


The Event Developer has a 9-sided body and a grey outline around it. It has one mounted Pounder turret on it that you can control.


The Event Developer's turret is weak, about as strong as a pounder bullet with a quarter the reload. The tank can move over rocks like a helicopter, but doesn't take any damage.


The Event Developer does not upgrade from any other tank; you begin as the Event Developer during TESTBED Events.

The Event Developer can upgrade into the following:


It's strong against:

  • This tank can easily kill trapper tanks because its bullet destroys traps efficiently.
  • The Sniper branch is very easy since it has more FOV than a Warden and detects and kills most snipers easily.


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