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The Flank Swarm is a Tier 3 tank that branches from the Basebrid and the Flank Guard at level 30.


The Flank Swarm has a circular body and the normal Basic front barrel as well as a tiny trapezoidal barrel on its back.


Upgrading to the Flank Swarm gives you a controllable swarm barrel. This barrel constantly produces swarm drones with a limited lifetime (this can be increased with bullet health upgrades) that move and attack as your cursor directs them.

The Flank Swarm's front gun has comparable firepower to the Basic.


The Flank Swarm upgrades from the Basebrid.png Basebrid and the Flank Guard.png Flank Guard at level 30.

The Flank Swarm branches to the following:


As the Flank Swarm

  • The Flank Swarm's drones can easily attack enemies from the back and sides while your gun fires bullets at them from the front.
  • When an enemy is low health and your bullets can't connect, try gathering your drones and them releasing them so they can chase your opponent off-screen.

Against the Flank Swarm

  • The swarm drones don't have a long range and sniper tanks can keep a distance to be safe from your drones.
  • The Flank Swarm only has the firepower of the Basic and can be outpenetrated by other tanks.


The Flank Swarm was suggested by Fillygroove and added to the game on May 13, 2019.


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