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Flash Sentry is a turquoise ramming sentry with a single machine gun turret on the back to propel it. It spawns rarely in the Pentagon Nest. A TESTBED variant, the Flash Sentry Gunner, features two Chain gun turrets, one on each back leg. It is a stronger version of the Flash.


The Flash Sentry is a turquoise concave heptagon, similar to the Flash, with three sides concave. The concave side is filled in by a Machine Gun turret which fires small, slow, and weak bullets.

The Flash Sentry Gunner is similar, but has two Chain Gun turrets on each back-facing leg. The bullets are stronger but still mostly harmless. The Flash Sentry Gunner is an inaccessible variant of the Flash Sentry.


The Flash Sentry can become quite fast, using its large amount of health and body damage to kill its target. However, most prepared players can defeat it. The Flash Sentry has a high FoV after locking on its target, similar to other crashers and sentries. If the Flash Sentry Gunner was implemented, it would have the same characteristics.


If you see a Flash Sentry heading towards you, move back while shooting at it. It can kill players with low max health and body damage, and you can be easily ambushed by it. Aside from ambushing, it can't kill players that easily.


  • After killing an 18 million score player, a flash sentry gained over 1.5 million score, putting it at 1.54 million, the simple shape score.
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