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Gaea is a pale purple Celestial.


Gaea is made up of three separate shells, each with their own weapons. The bottom shell spins counter to the other two shells. The bottom layer, a nonagon, has a Giga Trap launcher on each side. The middle layer, a heptagon, has a trapezoid-like drone spawner on each side that spawns drones. The top layer, a pentagon, has a Hunter turret on each side.


Gaea should not be underestimated. Although the Hunter is only a T-3 tank in the main game, just like anything Celestial, its damage is multiplied. They also gain an attack speed buff and have more range compared with the playable Hunter. The drone spawners rapidly shoot out small, weak drones, similar to the Frigate branch's, although much bigger, faster & stronger. They do have a limited lifespan of about 30 seconds.