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Reanimated notice icon.png This page is about removed content.
This page refers to content that was in Woomy-Arras.io in the past, but has since been removed from the game. It is being kept for historical purposes.

The Glove was a Tier 4 tank that branched from the Ceptionist and the Revolutionist at level 45.

Currently, it is temporarily removed due to glitches with its turrets.


The Glove looked like a Basic with two unattached turrets on its sides with dark barrels on them.


The Glove acted like a Basic, but could launch its turrets as Ceptionist bullets. Sometimes the turrets would glitch in a manner that you could only launch one of them, leading to its removal.


This tank is an upgrade from the Ceptionist.png Ceptionist and the Revolutionist.png Revolutionist.

This tank branched into the Auto-Glove.png Auto-Glove at level 60, which was also removed due to the same glitches.


As the Glove

Against the Glove


  • The Glove was OP when it was introduced to the public.
  • The Glove got removed on PATCH 06/16/2020 (1).