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A Grouper is an orange Crasher. It spawns in groups of four in the pentagon nest.


The Grouper looks like an orange irregular heptagon.


The Grouper isn't THAT powerful, but to make up for this, these guys always spawn in groups of 4.


Don't stay close to a rammer if this crasher is nearby. This crasher can help it ram you. But alone if not on very low health, they don't pose a threat. Be wary of this crasher, though because it can do quite a lot of damage to glass builds, and a Destroyer (crasher) can come and one-shot you after this, and yes, this happens quite commonly through crasher related deaths. And avoid it when at low health because on rare occasions the fourth grouper kills you.


  • The Grouper is the only crasher that spawns in groups. (This statement is false, because the Trapezoid Crasher exists)
  • The Grouper as a boss is the Trape-Fighter.
  • The Grouper is user Misfit Being's favorite Crasher and overall entity through out ALL of Woomy and can sometimes be seen letting himself get hurt by groupers. the possible explanation is below(This has nothing to do with the ACTUAL lore, so you can go to another page)
  • User Misfit Being might be one of the first groupers in the 3rd main war, which is why he knows so much about tanks, witnessing many of them being created, because most tanks were made from the third war, described as "3rd gen tanks". He decided to run off, because he new tanks would wanna kill him. For this reason, the images for Saboten and the Meijijingu exist, they both have backgrounds unlike most of the other images. This is also is why you can sometimes see him trying to go with other players, unless it's FFA, Maze, or anything like that.