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The Hewn Pelleter is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Pelleter and the Minishot at level 30.


The Hewn Pelleter has a circular body and two small guns in front with a short base. It also has a miniature gun on each side of its Pelleter guns at an angle.


Like the Pelleter, the Hewn Pelleter fires small, speedy bullets at a fast rate. Its bullets are fast but also relatively weak. Its two secondary guns fire 4small bullets that are not as powerful.


The Hewn Pelleter upgrades from the Pelleter.png Pelleter and the Minishot.png Minishot at level 30.

The Hewn Pelleter can upgrade to the following:

  • Hewn Gunner.png Hewn Gunner (Lv. 45)
  • Moonburst.png Moonburst (Lv. 45)
  • Auto-Hewn Pelleter.png Auto-Hewn Pelleter (Lv. 45)
  • Blabber.png Blabber (Lv. 45)
  • Split.png Split (Lv. 45)
  • Tri-Hewn Pelleter.png Tri-Hewn Pelleter (Lv. 45)
  • Commando.png Commando (Lv. 45)
  • Carrier.png Carrier (Lv. 45)


As the Hewn Pelleter

  • The Hewn Pelleter's bullets can slip through enemy fire easier and damage your opponent.
  • Your secondary guns can put pressure on enemies while they try to avoid your main fire.

Against the Hewn Pelleter

  • Pounder bullets and Builder blocks have high penetration and can plow through the Hewn Pelleter's fire.
  • The Hewn Pelleter's bullets are not very tanky and can easily be outpenetrated.


The Hewn Pelleter was added to the game on May 18, 2018.


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