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Hexa-Builder is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from Hexa-Trapper and Tri-Builder at level 60.


Hexa-Builder has 6 equally spaced block launchers arranged around its body.


Builder blocks will go to the position of the cursor, or to the position directly in front of the launcher where the cursor would be. These blocks have high penetration and health, but have been nerfed heavily due to the tank's use as a lag machine.


Please do not use the Hexa-Builder to cause lag. Doing so may get you kicked or banned depending on the severity.

As the Hexa-Builder

  • Hexa-Builders can be used as temporary bases for players that are low on health.
  • The sheer amount of blocks is usually enough to deter enemies, though bots will usually ram into the blocks and die.

Against the Hexa-Builder

  • Use Redistributor to penetrate the block wall and kill the Hexa-Builder and any other tanks that may be seeking sheltering inside.If there is a team of hexa builders,you have no hope.
  • If the Hexa-Builder is traveling to a temporary base location and is vulnerable, most tank will be able to defeat it or chase it away from the temporary base.


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