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The Hexa-Machine is a Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Hexa-Tank, the Twin Machine, and the Flank Machine at level 45.


The Hexa-Machine has a circular body with six, trapezoidal Machine Gun guns spread evenly around its body.


All six guns of the Hexa-Machine fire bullets at a greatly increased rate of fire while also being a lot more inaccurate, much like the Machine Gun itself.


The Hexa-Machine upgrades from the Hexa-Tank.png Hexa-Tank, the Twin Machine.png Twin Machine, and the Flank Machine.png Flank Machine at level 45.

The Hexa-Machine can upgrade to the following:


As the Hexa-Machine

  • Unlike the Machine Gun, which suffers heavy recoil usually, the Hexa-Machine suffers no net recoil from its guns.
  • The Hexa-Machine's high rate of fire and large number of guns makes it great at protecting itself especially when positioned around obstacles that provide further protection.

Against the Hexa-Machine

  • The Machine Gun doesn't have that much range and cannot do much to tanks at long range.
  • Extremely powerful attacks from tanks like the Annihilator or Constructor will be able to plow through the Hexa-Machine's bullets.


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