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Ice Crusher Fragments are fragments spawning in a group of three when an Ice Crusher die.


The Ice Crusher Fragments are small cyan diamonds surrounded by a cyan cloud.


The Ice Crusher Fragments can spawn when someone (or something) kills an Ice Crusher, meaning the Ice Crusher Fragments will spawn near the tank that killed the predecessor.


The Ice Crusher Fragments have approximately the same stats as the Crusher Fragment (weak in all points) but when it touches the opponent, it will be freezed : it will slow down. (fun fact : some tanks have the same effect but can stop tanks from moving for a small time).


Even if they are weak, being shooted by an Ice Crusher is an huge advantage for the little diamonds : an Ice Crusher can deal good damage. With the help of another tank and the freezing effect, you can be killed by one of these shards...

How to kill them without being hurted

  • Use Flail to kill them while keeping a distance, with the Mace you will be also able of killing both Ice Crusher and Ice Crusher Fragment
  • Remain distant and shoot it. Use Marine or Hydrograph to deal damage while running. Beware of Ice Crusher Fragments as they are faster.
  • Use a Rammer tank to let them run into you and deal a minor damage.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • There is a "normal" variant of the Ice Crusher Fragments called Crusher Fragment

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