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The Inceptioner was a Tier 2 tank upgrading from Basic at level 15. The main focus of its branch is the Bullets with auto-turrets.


The Inceptioner's creation is, like most Tier 2 Tanks, too old to be written in the changelogs, but we still can see the date when it was officially made Ingame. In the changelogs, we can see this information on the 06/15/2020 (June 15th). Exactly on the same patch, we can see that other tanks has been put in-game and branches off Inceptioner (like the Ceptionist) and some others that were already added, but now also branches off this tank (like the Tailgator). On the same day (but on a different patch), its bullet reload (the auto-turret) was nerfed by 20%. On 06/22/2020 (June 22nd), its bullet damage (the main one) was nerfed by 5% and a bug was fixed about the tank not shooting. You can see other information about the Inceptioner, but the information is mainly about other tanks that branches off it.


The Inceptioner has a circular body and a single frontal gun, like the Basic. Underneath it is a smaller Basic-like turret that does not fire. This represents its ability of the auto-turret on the bullets. The inner barrel does not fire anything, and can be thought of as attaching itself to bullets as they are fired, giving them a turret.


The Inceptioner's bullets deal as much damage as a Basic's, but with slightly decreased reload. The Inceptioner fires bullets that have auto-turrets on them, firing weak bullets, and they can be used to overwhelm an opponent. This may beem like an Auto-Basic due to its weaker auto-turret and the main bullet with the Basic's stats.


The Inceptioner upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Inceptioner can upgrade to the following:


As the Inceptioner

  • Use the Inceptioner's auto-turret bullets to shoot at enemies from other angles and circumvent their defense.
  • Your bullets themselves can still deal a good amount of damage without the extra auto-turret damage as well.
  • This is essentially an Auto-Basic, but the auto-turret is in the bullet instead.

Against the Inceptioner

  • Try to attack the Inceptioner directly before it can chip you down with its turrets.
  • Think of it like a weaker Auto-Basic.



  • The Inceptioner was suggested as early as 27 April 2020. It was put into beta testing at an unknown time and was officially added on 15 June 2020.
  • This has very similar behavior to Auto-Basic, but the auto-turret "follows" the bullet instead
  • More Inceptioner branches coming soon at Woomy.io...
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