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The Incognito is a tier 4 tank that branches from Assassin


The Incognito has a design similar to the Assassin, but with a black bar on top of the barrel. 


The Incognito has high FOV and low reload. Its bullets travel quickly and deal significant damage. These stats are similar to the Assassin.

The Incognito's main perk is that all AI completely ignores it. This includes Bots, auto turrets, AI-controlled drones, even bosses.


As the Incognito

  • Aim for Bosses and Bots, as bots usually won't notice you (if you attack them they'll realize you're there for a second, but then return to being idle) and Bosses are completely unaware of your existence, as shown in the picture above.
  • Try not to fight high ROF tanks or Drone wielders, and some rammers will kill you. Trapper can be an easy opponent if you're skilled enough.

Against the Incognito

  • Similar to most Sniper branch tanks, when a player is using the "claw" Method it is utterly defenseless unless for some reason it's super fast and your drones are super slow.
  • Splitter is kind of deadly against Incognito.
  • High ROF tanks, including Recruit branch, Blizzard for the most part, and Machine Gun can kill off an Incognito. Pounder branch (save the Inceptioner-like tanks and Launcher branch) can penetrate Incognito bullets with ease, and even block them when using Decentralizer.



  • Incognito mode is a special Google browser that doesn't track personal information.