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The Inferno is a Tier 3 tank that branches from the Machine Gun and the Mini Grower at level 30.


The Inferno has a circular body and a long, thin gun. Besides this gun is a small non-firing barrel unique to the Inferno's branch.


Instead of firing bullets, the Inferno fires flares at an average rate with some spread. Flares are square-shaped projectiles that grow and accelerate over time.

The Inferno's flares are slightly more powerful and durable than regular bullets.


The Inferno upgrades from the Machine Gun.png Machine Gun and the Mini Grower.png Mini Grower at level 30.

The Inferno can upgrade to the following:


As the Inferno

  • Remember to aim to account for your flares' acceleration. Advancing towards the target will increase the rate of acceleration and its velocity, which increases the damage output significantly per flare. Retreating will cause the flares to have a slower acceleration rate, and will, therefore, have a critically lower output in damage compared to the previous, vice versa.
  • Firing your flares into the same area can overwhelm foes if accelerating. However, it is best to advance while creating a miniature spread in order for a larger chance to hit the target or trap the target within the wall of accelerating flares.

Against the Inferno

  • Most spammers from the twin and machine gun branch can outpenetrate the Inferno very easily at close range, especially when it is retreating. Bear in mind to keep a close distance in order to hold it at bay. Giving it the advantage of distance is a lethal move as the inferno flares' damage when accelerating are fatal for a glass cannon and can cripple rammers. If you are forced to retreat, point your gun straight at the inferno and back off swiftly.


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