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The Injector is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Lancer at level 30.


The Injector has a hollow, circular body with a triangular lance in front and a plunger on its back.


Like the Lancer, the Injector has a lance that deals high damage to anything that touches it. This can also be used defensively to block enemy attacks.

The Injector has the ability to fill up its syringe and fire some bullet that poisons enemies or heals teammates it touches. This ability has a long refill time, but you can hold your charge for an indefinite amount of time.


The Injector upgrades from the Lancer.png Lancer at level 30.

The Injector can upgrade to the following:


The Injector has very similar strategies to the Lancer.

As the Injector

  • Tanks with weak bullets are very vulnerable to the Injector, as your lance will block all of them.
  • Like other melee tanks, the Injector benefits from upgrading movement speed to make up for its short range.
  • Fill your syringe until it is almost ready to fire before you go out and fight someone.

Against the Injector

  • Sniper or Pounder tanks are the best tanks to use against the Injector, as they have high range and strong bullets that can outpenetrate its lance.
  • Tanks with homing bullets, drones, or minions are effective as the Injector can not defend on all sides at once.


The Injector was an idea by Clarise and added to the game on May 7, 2020.


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