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The Kasane is a tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Acid and the Triplet at level 60.


The Kasane has 3 long barrels arranged in the same way as the Triplet. On each barrel is a green bar signifying the Kasane’s ability (the Acid's poisonous bullets). The Kasane also has a faint green aura around it.


The Kasane has a slightly higher FoV than the Triplet, and has slightly higher bullet damage, penetration, health, and speed, with slightly less reload, like the Acid. The Kasane also shoots poisonous bullets, which continue to damage enemies even after the bullet has died.


The tank upgrades from the Acid.png Acid and the Triplet.png Triplet. It does not upgrade any further.


As the Kasane

  • Listen to UTAU songs to make its ability stronger (joke).
  • The Kasane is a very powerful tank, and it can plow through many bullets. The poisonous bullets can help you kill an enemy with high max health, like the Coiffure.
  • Don't be afraid of attacking Penta Machines. With your high RoF and DPS, the Penta Machine will actually be afraid of you.
  • If you find yourself with another allied Kasane, you don't even have to worry about tanks like the Twinceptionist.
  • Be careful if there are nuke tanks or swarming tanks. A Crockett and a Psychokinesis is enough to kill you.
  • Watch out for tanks like the Steelix or Kevlar. To them, the poison effect is simply decoration.

Against the Kasane

  • The Kasane can be killed easily if it gets distracted. A Professor can sweep a Kasane with its drones even if the Kasane is shooting at the drones.
  • Tanks like the Crockett and the Flashbang can easily kill the Kasane if used correctly.
  • Never go up against the Kasane when using a Smasher unless you are a very good player using the Steelix.
  • Try to attack from angles other than the one the Kasane is fighting towards. As a triplet branch, it is weak if threatened from multiple angles. Spawner, Heatseeker, Director, and even the Sniper branch can avoid being outpenetrated.


  • Sometimes, the poisonous effect does not work on some polygons, like the Beta Pentagon.
  • The Kasane tank is named after the UTAU singer "Kasane Teto."
    • This is similar to how the woomy-arras.io tank Hatsune is named after Vocaloid singer "Hatsune Miku."
      • Further coincidences include the Chiller's square color (cyan, both a blue shade and a green[Acid's square color] shade), both tanks having a Triplet gun (however Kasane has one on its front, while Hatsune has one on its back) and both tanks having Sniper branch guns (Kasane has a longer Triplet gun [and the Acid itself is from the Sniper branch] and Hatsune has a Ranger gun).


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