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The Lancer is a Tier 2 Tank upgrading from the Basic at level 15. The main focus of its branch is lances instead of barrels/bullets.


The Lancer's body is circular and does not have a gun. Instead, it has a triangular blade in front. This is used to damage polygons and tanks.


The Lancer's lance is really a gun with a very high rate of fire and very short range. This means enemies who are within range of the lance will take heavy damage at a fast pace. This also extends to any enemy bullets, drones, and traps that are in range of the lance.

The Lancer's gun stats are very different from the Basic since they use different mechanics. Its lance's stats compared to the Basic are provided for reference.


The Lancer upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Lancer can upgrade to the following:


As the Lancer

  • Anyone with weak bullets will fall to pieces, as the lance will block all of them. Just charge at them and they will die. However, be wary of the Twin branch, as you will need to kill them faster than usual.
  • Don't be foolish and think you should use body damage and max health instead of lance damage, etc.
  • You should use some Movement Speed to arrive at tanks faster.
  • Avoid tanks like the Destroyer or Mega Trapper, as they can kill you easily. Do not get overconfident, and try to mostly avoid these tanks.
  • The Lancer benefits from upgrading movement speed to make up for its short range. Upgrade your movement speed, reload, and health to get a stronger build.
  • AIs may be dangerous, but attacking them when they are distracted is effective. You can easily kill them if they have no recoil at all. Forcing bots into walls in maze is also effective, but do not get overconfident.
  • Do not charge against Smashers if you have low lance stats, as they will outram you. Deal severe damage while retreating, then charge.
  • Avoid the Akafuji branch as you stand no chance. Their lances are much longer, and will damage you well before you even touch them.
  • When fighting against other lancers, try to be careful and bring them to at least 40% of health. Then, charge, unless they have superior range/DPS.
  • When attacking drone classes, charge. After they move their drones towards you, swing your lance to destroy them while retreating, and continue charging afterward. This also applies to sunchip classes, but you need a longer lance to prevent the sunchips from swarming you.

Against the Lancer

  • Mini Swarmer branch is a very hard counter against Lancer, as your bullets have high health and swarms will hit Lancers from all sides.
  • Tanks with homing bullets are effective, as the Lancer can not defend all sides at once. However, you must have a high movement speed and bullet speed for this to work.
  • Tanks with strong drones and high reload may be an even matchup if both players are skilled. It is advised to attack as the drone tank if the Lancer is distracted, so you get more chances.
  • The Destroyer branch is effective, as you can bring a Lancer to half of the health with one hit.
  • The Mega Trapper branch can kill Lancers if they charge at you. Getting maximum trap stats and luring lancer may be effective.
  • The Akafuji and its branch will be able to easily kill a Lancer because of a longer range.
  • If an AI Lancer approaches you, you can just ignore it, as it has no way of attacking you. This is due to a balancing game mechanic.


  • The Lancer is unique to Woomy Arras.io and is not present in Diep.io or Arras.io.
  • The Lancer was in Tales of Diep. The tanks that upgrade from this in ToD were much less complex, but still shared some similarities to this Lancer.


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