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Lore refers to the magical, martial, or historical stories of various entities unique to Woomy-Arras.io. This includes such entities as the sanctuaries, the Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk, the rather cryptic Hemispheres, and the evolution of shapes. Lore usually revolves around the 6 major wars; the evolution of polygons to tanks and tanks to bosses, and Arena Closers. The mysterious Adaricek is a compilation of lore known only to a few.

Note: Once enough information is known about Lore, it will be compiled in a series of specialized pages.


Lore is constructed mainly from the various disconnection or arena closing screens. The yellow closing splashes under the death screen are cryptic and relate to past events. Lore was originally conceived by Clarise, but following her resignation and exit from the community it is now produced by Lore Makers, a role in the official Woomy-Arras.io discord.


There are 6 major wars which are known in the canon. The first seems to be fought between tanks and polygons, and afterwards, tanks could no longer evolve. The second is little-known, but its result was the creation of Fallen Tanks. The third, fourth, and fifth wars have no known text splash. The 6th war is the current war, and players are stuck in a time loop, forced to fight the same battles over and over. The wars always seem to revolve around tanks vs. polygons, sentries, or bosses.


The lore has much to say about the evolution of polygons. "The Egg came first." is a common closing splash. The mythical first egg evolved into an Alpha Pentagon, which created all other shapes before corrupting and becoming a Leviathan. The green shapes were created to ward off tanks, but were fitted with more experience. Orange shapes were made by the Comet to help out tanks, back when it was on the side of tanks. After the first war, polygons gained enough energy to evolve to polygons stronger than the Alpha Pentagon. Various topics are covered, though none in great detail and that is for the Lore Makers to decode. Crashers were invented during the third war to fight tanks, and used the drone technology invented by the first Battleship, whose technology was enhanced by the Director.


Tanks evolved from the Egg, creating weapons to fight off the polygons. After the First War, tanks could not evolve, and had to choose their upgrade path. Necromancers were designed to convert polygons to the tanks' side, but instead ended up using them as ammunition. The oxyrrhexis was originally made to shoot "green guardians" (ps3_33s), and upon holding shift or right click for a few seconds, It still can.


Most of the boss lore revolves around the Comet and the Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk. The Comet was originally on the side of tanks, but corrupted for an unclear reason. The Xyv is the fusion of the first Guardian, Summoner, and Defender, all working together within the boss. The boss itself is not alive like the bosses are, but is unstable due to the fusion of the bosses. Fallen bosses are the souls of powerful warriors who forgot which side they were on.

The AWP-39, an infinitely powerful boss, was created by the same faction that created Tank A. Comet designed it and witnessed it corrupt and commit genocide during the Fourth War.

Arena Closers evolved from the First Destroyer. Base Protectors and Dominators are AC's disguised as pets. The AC Alarm was invented by the first Streamliner, to warn tanks of their impending doom.

"Tank A"

The Tank A project is well-documented in the closing splashes. The Tank A project was an attempt by an unknown faction of the tanks to clone themselves; however, it backfired during the first war and the project became what is now known as AI's today. The project was hijacked by an unknown enemy group, causing the tanks to be defeated.


The Hemispheres include members of the Brown Team, an old team that disbanded after the First War. The Comet is occasionally brown, to reflect this. Other powerful entities, such as Mladic and Sassafras, are Hemispheres. They continually seek to stop the time loop.

The known Hemispheres are:

  1. Hemisphere Comet: [Not to be mistaken with Brown Comet, Hemisphere Comet has a a Body like Switcheroo in the shape of a droplet]
  2. Mladic: [The General of the Polygons and the Protector of Golden İcosagon]
  3. Factory: [A Factory on the Brown Team that is loyal to Hemisphere Comet]
  4. Director: [A Director on the Brown Team that is loyal to Hemisphere Comet]
  5. Engineer: [A Engineer on the Brown Team that is loyal to Hemisphere Comet]
  6. Sassafras: [The Sassafras Boss is also known for spawning with the name Hemisphere and the extraordinary ability to crash servers upon spawning even though it was fixed]
  7. Confidential: [A new boss that was just learned to be a hemisphere, not much is known about it]
  8. Atlantis: [A old Developer boss that also is a Hemisphere]
  9. Hemisphere Industry: [The Hemisphere version of Industry, It is brown unlike the normal one and its corners are slightly lengthened, also there are small orange Rectangles at the middle of its spawners].

The Comet, Director, Engineer, and a broken AWP-39 can be found in this image: http://woomy-arras.io/img/unfixable.png.The image is considered cursed; it is unknown who created the image.


The Adaricek is the history book of the Woomy-Arras.io Universe. It is rarely seen or heard from, but it supposedly contains a very detailed history of Woomy, including of all wars and even the future. This, however, is unconfirmable. Clarise wrote the Adaricek, but has left the discord server.

Canon vs. Fanon

The canon lore of Woomy-Arras.io is allowed in the main namespace, while fanon (user-generated lore) is allowed in user namespaces.