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Mega Crusher is a large, strong crusher that will spawn rarely in the Pentagon Nest. The Mega Crusher is the strongest crasher in in the game and can easily destroy tanks. However, it is very slow, approximately as slow as base movement speed Mace.


The Mega Crusher was added on 10 April 2019. Rodrigo designed and suggested it. On 25 November 2019 its spawn rate was reduced. On 27 December 2019, the Mega Crusher received a buff. On 29 March 2020 the Mega Crusher's experience amount was nerfed and its size was decreased.


The Mega Crusher features a burgundy body with 26 sides. It looks somewhat like the ghosts in Pacman.


The Mega Crusher easily destroys almost any tank, though Coiffures, Augers, and other very strong smashers can defeat it. Usually, the Mega Crusher is not a problem due to its slowness.

The Mega Crusher spawns rarely in the Pentagon Nest.


  • When turning the Miter Edges option on, the Mega Crusher looks spikier.
    • This is also the same with the Acicula.
      • This is probably because some people don't like the rounded edges of arras.
  • It has a boss variant called Fueron.