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The Mega Trapper is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Trapper and the Pounder at level 30.


The Mega Trapper has a circular body with a very wide gun with an expanding end.


The traps of the Mega Trapper are much larger, more durable, and damaging than the Trapper's traps. However, it also has a much slower rate of fire.

Like other Trappers, the Mega Trapper's traps stick around for an extended period of time and it also has a slightly increased FoV.


The Mega Trapper upgrades from the Trapper.png Trapper and the Pounder.png Pounder at level 30.

The Mega Trapper can upgrade to the following:


The Mega Trapper has very similar strategies to the Trapper.

As the Mega Trapper

  • Your traps' longevity can be used to block off enemy tanks from moving into an area.
  • The Mega Trapper can easily flood an area with traps that protect from enemy projectiles.
  • Try to get close to enemies as your traps can be lethal when shot into something.

Against the Mega Trapper

  • The Mega Trapper can easily be outranged since traps have limited range.
  • Strong, focused fire from tanks like the Twin or a shot from the Destroyer can break through traps quickly.
  • Beware of getting close to the Mega Trapper; its traps deal a lot of damage if you are hit by them up close.


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