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The Mini Lightning is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Director and the Sniper at level 30.


The Mini Lightning has a circular body and two drone spawners in front that are smaller than average.


Like the Director, the Mini Lightning controls drones. However, the Mini Lightning's drones are smaller, weaker, but faster than regular drones. It also has more reload thanks to its two spawners.

It can control a maximum of 5 drones and has a slightly increased FoV.


The Mini Lightning upgrades from the Director.png Director and the Sniper.png Sniper at level 30.

The Mini Lightning can upgrade to the following:


As the Mini Lightning

The Mini Lightning trades off its drones' power for speed.

  • Use your increased FoV to swipe AI from the side without them seeing you.
  • Attack tanks with low health, especially if they have a low-penetration tank.
  • Stay away from the nest, where strong crashers may spawn, as they can kill you while your drones are away.

Against the Mini Lightning

The Mini Lightning only controls five weak drones, which you can use to your advantage.

  • Powerful bullets can easily destroy drones and force the Mini Lightning to reload.
  • Very agile tanks like the Propeller can also manuever around drones and attack the Mini Lightning directly. However, keep in mind that its drones are fast.


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