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The Mini Swarmer is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Pounder at level 30.


The Mini Swarmer has a circular body and a gun similar to the Pounder's but also has a slanted barrel underneath it.


The Mini Swarmer fires hives, rotating bullets with bee spawners on them, at a slow rate. Its hives' bees are very fast but do not deal a lot of damage. Getting hit by the hive itself deals a chunk of damage as well.

The Mini Swarmer also has a very slightly increased field of view.


The Mini Swarmer upgrades from the Pounder.png Pounder at level 30.

The Mini Swarmer can upgrade to the following:


As the Mini Swarmer

  • Fire your hives at enemies at long range and let their bees chip them down.
  • Bees are great at circumventing the enemy's defense as they are both fast and can come from a lot of different angles at once.
  • At close range, don't be afraid to fire your hive directly into an enemy as it still has the strength of Pounder bullets.

Against the Mini Swarmer

  • Bullet spammers can easily destroy the Mini Swarmer's bullets.
  • Bees do not deal that much damage at once, making the Mini Swarmer vulnerable to enemies that can one-shot it.
  • The Mini Swarmer does not have a high rate of fire nor can it defend itself from its flank well.


The Mini Swarmer was suggested by Rodrigo and added to the game on October 27, 2018 alongside the Mega Swarmer.


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