The Minishot is a Tier 2 Tank that upgrades from the Basic at level 15. It branches off into many of the tanks with secondary side guns.


The Minishot has a circular body and three guns: one main gun facing forward and two smaller guns at an angle on each side of the main gun.


The two secondary guns of the Minishot provide extra pressure on enemies and occupy the dodging space around its main gun. Its secondary bullets are not as strong as its main one.


The Minishot upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Minishot can upgrade to the following:


As the Minishot

  • Use your high spread to your advantage.
  • You can farm many shapes.

Against the Minishot

  • The Minishot does not have very strong or high-penetration bullets.
  • You can simply outgun it with a high R.O.F. tank like Streamliner.


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