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Developer notice icon.png This entity is not accessible in game normally.
This page refers to content that is in the Developer Tanks category and is only accessible to Senior Testers and Developers.

The Event Developer is accesible to anyone during a TESTBED Event.

Miscellaneous is a TESTBED tank, which can only be accessed from the Event Developer and Developer tanks. It can upgrade into various strange TESTBED tanks. Miscellaneous, is just a collection of special TESTBED tanks, and players can choose different ones by switching between pages, which are also available as an upgrade option.

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Page 2

  • Triplet.png Triplet (TESTBED)
  • Smasher-3.png Smasher-3
  • Techno.png Techno
  • Mothership 2.0.png Mothership 2.0
  • Vortex.png Vortex
  • Rangership.png Rangership
  • K (Page 2).png k (Page 2)
  • Booster-3.png Booster-3
  • Giga Hunt.png Giga Hunt
  • Solidago.png Solidago
  • Uneven Double.png Uneven Double
  • Cell.svg Cell
  • Swarm Cannon Miter Edges.png Swarm Cannon
  • Redistception.png Redistception
  • Page 3

Page 3

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Page 5

  • Swiss Toolset.png Swiss Toolset
  • Mothershipception.png Mothershipception
  • Woah.png Woah
  • Tornadomind.png Tornadomind
  • Carrier-3.png Carrier-3
  • Yottamind.png Yottamind
  • Auto-15.png Auto-15
  • Octo-Trapperception.png Octo-Trapperception
  • Octo-Trapperceptionception.png Octo-Trapperceptionception
  • Pestilence.png Pestilence
  • Spikemind.png Spikemind
  • Spreadlock.png Spreadlock
  • Auto-Over-Hunt-Guard.png Auto-Over-Hunt-Guard
  • Thicc Vulcan.png Thicc Vulcan
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Page 6

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