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The Nest Keeper is a Testbed Boss present in Woomy-Arras.io but not spawnable. Only at arras.io will spawn.


The Nest Keeper has a pentagon body with 5 Twin auto turrets, one in each corner on the outside of its body, with each having the same body color. It also has 5 drone Spawners, one on each side of its body. In the center of its body it has one Boomer turret.It is about twice the size as a Summoner.


All of its turrets attack independently. The Gunner Auto Turrets have rather weak bullet damage, health and penetration, with the bullet speed being medium. The Boomer Turret shoots decently powerful Boomerangs about every second. The Boomerangs have decent health, penetration and damage, are fast and can nearly one-shot a glass tank. The Drones (or also known as "Mega Crashers") also have decent health, penetration and damage, slightly more so than an Overseer's eaxh, but they move rather slow and are respawned rather slow.


To counter this boss, you will need decently high offense and defense because the boomerangs are very tough and can kill players fast plus shredding bases. You will need multiple trapper-class (preferably 5) to fend this boss. Now you need large FoV tanks to attack the boss and destroy drones. Then slowly kill the boss.


  • This boss was a suggestion by Whert.
  • Its the first official boss in arras.io to use the Pentagon shape.
  • It is the first boss in arras.io to use boomerangs.
  • Along with Rogue Palisade, Summoner and Elite Skimmer, before spawning, the message "A strange trembling..." will show up. It is also able to spawn with them.
  • The Nest Keeper was added to arras along with the Elite Battleship in the March 18th, 2020 Update.
  • It also came from the Boss Contest along with the Elite Battleship and the Celestials.
  • This boss is the second-largest in arras.io, the largest there being the Celestials.
  • The Nest Keeper's Drones can push it around, giving it some kind of speed boost sometimes.
  • This boss reminds of the Omega Pentagon (aka the Leviathan).