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Orbit was a TESTBED Sentry that was added at a unknown time. As of 7/11/2021, it is now spawnable in the pentagon nest.


Orbit has a hexagonal base and a revolutionist ring around it which has 2 auto-turrets.


Orbit has VERY little health, but its two auto turrets make up for that by providing an immense spray of bullets. The hexagonal base deals extreme damage when it collides with a player, although the Orbit will almost certainly die as well. The ring spins constantly around


Although Orbit may not seem strong, it does high damage when the hexagonal base rams into the tank. If using a glass cannons build against Orbit, you cannot remain in the same place for more than a couple seconds or the it will catch you. High damage projectiles like the Annihilator branch of tanks will penetrate the dense spread of bullets and destroy the Orbit. Builder branch is also good as the Orbit will follow you, but unknowingly it will collide with several of your blocks.


  • Orbit does not have a health bar
    • This may be because almost any bullet will kill it instantly
  • When first added, Orbit had a serious glitch where the ring would move, and the player had no control over it.