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The Overlord is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Overseer at level 45.


The Overlord has a circular body with 4 trapezoidal drone spawners. It is quite recognizable and is a symbol of Diep.io.


Like the Overseer, it can have 8 drones, which have moderate damage and penetration. However, the Overlord can get these 8 drones faster than Overseer can. It also gains a bit of FOV.


The Overlord upgrades from the Overseer. It can upgrade into the following:


As the Overlord

  • You can now stand a chance against these snipers and bullet spammers just because you replenish your drones very quickly. Be very vary of Penta Shot branch, as they can kill your drones and you in no time. It is best to avoid these tanks.
  • Ambush AI tanks with your drones instantly because you have increased FOV.
  • Your drones are now quite powerful. Chances are you will have several drones left after killing someone. Use it against bullet tanks.
  • Against Underseer, you should try to eliminate all of it drones, as you have a higher respawn rate. Retreat if necessary.
  • Against rammers, you should retreat while doing decent damage with drones. Rammer will likely die before ramming you.
  • Lancer branch is very deadly, so it is advised to avoid them at all costs. If the later is not possible, you can try repelling drones, surround lancer with it, and likely kill it.
  • If the enemy has low health and is out of your FoV, you can repel your drones on right-click, and they will likely finish the enemy off. Do not do this if there is another enemy near you.

Against the Overlord

  • Penta Shot branch are very effective, as you can eliminate the drones and create a strong bullet wall.
  • Underseer-branch tanks are really good if you have good drone speed.
  • Hivemind branch can easily eliminate drones of Overlord, and maybe even kill it.
  • Hybrid branch has good chances if the player is skilled enough since your bullets can kill the drones, and potentially damage the Overlord.
  • Lancer branch can eliminate the Overlord with needed skill, as you can get rid of drones with your lance, and Overlord will be defenseless.
  • As the other tank, you will unlikely be able to kill the Overlord, so fleeing is the best option.
  • Basic or similar tanks with the Drone Destroyer build can easily destroy drones and severely damage the Overlord.
  • Other high DPS tanks like Fusilier can easily shred its drones and then shred the tank itself.