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The Overseer is a Tier 3 tank that can control 8 drones. It upgrades from the Director at level 30.


The Overseer has a circular body and two spawners positioned 180 degrees apart on each of its sides.


The Overseer is a drone tank, like the Director, meaning it controls drones instead of shooting bullets.

Holding the fire button (or enabling autofire) will make your drones follow your mouse cursor. While not otherwise in action, drones circle their owner until an enemy or shapes come close enough to trigger the automatic defense that drones provide.

It can control a maximum of 8 drones. The Overseer's drones are average in size and power.


The Overseer upgrades from the Director.png Director at level 30.

The Overseer can upgrade to the following:


As the Overseer

The Overseer is a very powerful tank if used correctly, but its poor reload can often render it defenseless if it makes a mistake.

  • Use your increased FoV to swipe AI from the side without them seeing you.
  • When not fighting, keep your drones near or on your tank to protect against surprise attacks such as rammers.
  • Attack tanks with low health, especially if they have a low-penetration tank.
  • Stay away from Red Runners and other strong, fast crashers, as you can be hit by them while fighting another tank. Generally, avoid the nest.

Against the Overseer

The Overseer's poor reload makes it vulnerable whilst refreshing its drones.

  • Powerful bullets such as those in the Destroyer branch can easily destroy drones and force the Overseer to reload.
  • Agile tanks like the Propeller can also maneuver around drones and attack the Overseer directly. Rammers in general are strong against Overseer and other drone tanks.


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