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The PS3_33 Lite is a sentry based of the PS3_33.


The PS3_33 Lite has a lime green base and a small green glow around the body. It also has a swarm drone launcher on the back.


The PS3_33 Lite's swarm drone launcher shoots out poison swarm drones which inflict the same effect as the Acid tank. You can also avoid this by using either Steelix or Kevlar as they do not get effected by debuffs.

The PS3_33 Lite will spawn in the Pentagon Nest like most other sentries.


  • Try using Kevlar because you can create a small barrier with your swarm drones and hit the sentry with your bullets. You don't have to worry about being poisoned because your immune to debuffs (freezing, poisoned, etc) although Steelix is also immune to debuffs it is a ram tank and the PS3_33 Lite has decent body damage and health.
  • Using bullet spam tanks also is an efficient way to kill this sentry because you will be able to deal damage very quickly and stop the sentry's healing as well as destroying the swarm drones very quickly. I use the Flamethrower class often.
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