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The Paralyzer is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades from the Freezer and the Nitrogen at level 60.


The Paralyzer has the same barrel shape as the Assassin, but it has a yellow rectangle above the trapezoid part.


The Paralyzer has just about the same reload of the Assassin, except it has one of the most powerful effects: Paralysis

Paralysis temporarily stops your victim from moving for a short amount of time.


The Paralyzer upgrades from the Freezer.png Freezer and the Nitrogen.png Nitrogen at level 60.

It cannot upgrade further.


As the Paralyzer

  • Glass builds work really well with this tank.
  • You can stop missiles and drones, making you very powerful against Launcher and Director-branch tanks.

Against the Paralyzer

  • Because of the sheer power of paralysis, your best bet is to use the Overdrive branch. The turrets on the drones can outflank the slow reload of the Paralyzer and kill it.


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