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The Pelleter is a Tier 2 Tank that upgrades from the Basic at level 15. The main focus of its branch is shooting small, weak, speedy and high-reloaded bullets, named pellets (hence its name and due to the Gunner firing the same bullets [and the Gunner bullets' name {Pellets} were mentioned in a diep.io achievement]).


The Pelleter has a circular body and two small guns supported with a short base.


The Pelleter's most notable feature is its small bullets, which slip through bullets and enemies easier thanks to their higher health, penetration, and resistance. However, they deal much less damage. The Pelleter's two guns also gives it a higher rate of fire than the Basic.


The Pelleter upgrades from the Basic.png Basic at level 15.

The Pelleter can upgrade to the following:


As the Pelleter

  • The Pelleter's small bullets and fast reload make it similar to other bullet spam tanks.
  • Stay away from other tanks that might outpenetrate your bullets.
  • Some tanks can not see the pellets damaging it. Use this to your advantage.

Against the Pelleter

  • Individually, Pelleter bullets are not very strong and are more likely to miss.
  • Dodging bullets is an option since they are small and do not cover much area.
  • However, if a Pelleter is around, pay attention. Its bullets are small enough to you not notice them.


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