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The Pelleter-2 is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Auto-2 and the Pelleter at level 30.


The Pelleter-2 has a circular body and two turrets on opposite sides of its body. Each turret has two small guns with a short base, like the Pelleter.


The Pelleter-2 is an automatically spinning tank that uses its two turrets to fire. Its turrets will passively fire at objects in their sight, but can also be manually aimed and fired by the player.

Each turret of the Pelleter-2 fires very small, speedy bullets at a fast rate similarly to the Pelleter.


The Pelleter-2 upgrades from the Auto-2.png Auto-2 and the Pelleter.png Pelleter at level 30.

The Pelleter-2 can upgrade to the following:

  • Pelleter-3.png Pelleter-3 (Lv. 45)


As the Pelleter-2

  • Since the Pelleter-2's turrets automatically lock onto enemies, it can be easier to just focus on dodging and let their AI aim for you.
  • Your turrets have a slightly larger FoV than your own tank, so they can fire at enemies outside your own FoV.
  • If you're facing the right way at the right moment, both turrets can fire at the same target at once.
  • Stay away from tanks that can outpenetrate your weak bullets.

Against the Pelleter-2

  • The Pelleter-2's turrets can't lock onto to drones, so they have to manually aim at them.
  • In most cases, only one turret will be locked onto you, reducing the Pelleter-2's firepower. You can also move around the Pelleter-2 to avoid having both turrets target you.
  • Individually, the Pelleter-2's bullets are very weak and do not deal a lot of damage. They can be easily outpenetrated.


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