Pentagons are blue passive shapes with five sides. They have 20 health and give between 213 and 320 experience. There are numerous variants of pentagons, all are equal or stronger. Pentagon variants are Giant Pentagon, which is only spawned from Pentagon Sanctuary, Green Pentagon, Orange Pentagon, Beta Pentagonand Alpha Pentagon. Pentagons can evolve from triangles, but also naturally spawn in pentagon nest very commonly.


The Pentagon is present in, and It is an original shape. Beta Pentagons are present in

Green Pentagons were added on 28 May 2018. On 16 September 2018, Green Beta Pentagons were added. Pentamancers were added on 7 September 2019, and are able to infect almost any type of pentagon, except for alpha, giant, poisonous and burnt pentagons.


Pentagons are blue equilateral pentagons.


Pentagons have 20 health and give between 213 and 320 experience, and can be infected by Pentamancer.

Pentagon evolves into the following:


Pentagon gives pretty good amount of experience, which makes it a viable source of experience up to the fifth tier. It can be very useful at the beginning of the game, as it will give you multiple levels. If you are a higher tier tank, you may go to the pentagon nest to start farming pentagons there until you reach fifth tier. Generally, do not try to ram pentagons as you may lose some health or lose viable ramming health as a rammer if enemy appears.

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