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The Pentagon Nest is a special area in most of Woomy-Arras.io's gamemodes, which is located in the middle of the map. Crashers, Crushers and many Polygons spawn there. It is often identified as having a light purple background instead of a white background. Its shape can vary depending on the game mode.


The design of the Pentagon Nest varies by game mode. It is a hollow square in FFA, 4TDM, and 2TDM Domination. It is a small, long rectangle in old 2TDM (indeed, this is the smallest nest in the game), now looks like the letter H, a plus shape in Boss Rush, and a square in the Developer Arena and 4TDM Maze. It is split into four hollow squares that surround each portal in Portal Domination, one in the middle of every section of the map. The small size and hollow shape of the individual nests, along with the portal killing all polygons and crashers result in few pentagons and crashers being spawned.


The following entities are able to spawn in the Pentagon Nest:

Bosses and AI may also spawn in the Pentagon Nest, but will move out as they attack nearby tanks.

Shape Farming

evolution at pentagon nest

Due to the high shape density of the Pentagon Nest, it is a common target of XP farmers, shape farmers, and Nest defenders, especially in Maze gamemodes and Portal Domination. One may farm XP by going to the nest and destroying all shapes that spawn. One may farm shapes by protecting them from enemies, though eventually, the shapes will protect themselves by growing to very large sizes. If a nest is left alone for a while, it may generate strong shapes by itself, though it is best to carefully cultivate the nest and destroy crashers. If a nest has gained sufficient shape density, it can be mostly self-reliant, fending off even AI by sheer body damage from multiple sources at once. Now that the nest spawns more pentagons, it's easy to farm with storm branch tanks. The most effective is snowstorm but beware of crushers with high life.

How use snowstorm in pentagon nest