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Polygons are shapes that give experience when destroyed. They can range from the Egg to the Golden Icosagon. There are Green and Orange variants of simple shapes. Simple shapes have dedicated Sanctuaries, which spawn a boss when killed.

Some shapes have estimates for HP.

Name Picture Experience Given Health Type Rarity
3-10 0.001 Simple EXTREMELY Common
8-12 2 Simple EXTREMELY Common
50-80 6 Simple EXTREMELY Common
400 20 Simple Common
Beta Pentagon
1500 100 Strong Mildly Common
Alpha Pentagon
10000 600 Strong Mildly Common
Alpha Hexagon
20000 600 Strong Mildly Common
Alpha Heptagon
22000 600 Strong Unusual
Alpha Octagon
25000 600 Strong Uncommon
Alpha Nonagon
50000 600 Strong Rare
Alpha Decagon
65000 600 Strong Super Rare
Green Square
1000-1200 20 Poison Unusual
Green Triangle
2500 60 Poison Unusual
Green Pentagon
3000 200 Poison Uncommon
Green Beta Pentagon
15000 250 Poison Rare
Orange Square
1000 20 Overpowered Rare
Orange Triangle
5000 60 Overpowered Super Rare
Orange Pentagon
13000 200 Overpowered Super Rare
Golden Egg
500 0.0011 Simple Super Rare
Golden Nonagon
80000 8990 Overpowered Super Rare
100000 10000

Overpowered EXTREMELY Rare
Black Pentagon
Black Pentagon.PNG
??? ??? TESTBED

This tree may not be fully accurate.

  • Egg
    • Square
      • Green Square
        • Orange Square
          • Orange Triangle
            • Orange Pentagon
        • Green Triangle
          • Green Pentagon
            • Green Beta Pentagon
      • Splitter Square
        • Super Splitter Square
          • Splitter Pentagon
            • Splitter Hexagon
              • Splitter Decagon
            • Summoner Square
            • Triangle
              • Green Pentagon
              • Green Triangle
                • Green Pentagon
                  • Green Beta Pentagon
                  • Orange Pentagon
                • Orange Triangle
                  • Orange Pentagon
              • Tri-Blade
                • Poison Tri-Blade
                • Deltrablade Lite (Rare)
              • Red Runner (Tier 2)
                • Red Runner (Tier 3)
                  • Red Runner (Tier 4)
              • Pentagon
                • Green Pentagon
                  • Orange Pentagon
                  • Green Beta Pentagon
                • Beta Pentagon
                  • Green Beta Pentagon
                  • Alpha Pentagon
                    • Alpha Hexagon
                      • Alpha Heptagon
                        • Alpha Octagon
                          • Alpha Nonagon
                            • Alpha Decagon

Note: Golden Nonagons and Golden Icosagons are not in the evolution tree, as the Golden Nonagon only spawns from the death of a Golden Sanctuary and Golden Icosagons only come from the evolution of a Golden Nonagon. Black Pentagons are also not included as they are Developer only polygons.

Simple Shapes EggSquareTrianglePentagonBeta Pentagon
Splitter Shapes Splitter SquareSupersplitter SquareSplitter PentagonSplitter HexagonSplitter Decagon
Green Shapes Green Square • Green Triangle • Green Pentagon • Green Beta Pentagon
Orange Shapes Orange Square • Orange Triangle • Orange Pentagon
Golden Shapes Golden Egg • Golden Nonagon • Golden Icosagon
Alpha Shapes Alpha PentagonAlpha HexagonAlpha HeptagonAlpha OctagonAlpha NonagonAlpha Decagon
Sanctuary Spawned Shapes Giant EggGiant SquareGiant TriangleGiant PentagonBowed Sanctuary SquareSnowball
Removed HexagonHeptagonOctagonNonagonDecagonIcosagon
Special Black Pentagon
Normal Egg SanctuarySquare SanctuaryTriangle SanctuaryPentagon SanctuaryGolden SanctuaryCrasher SanctuaryBowed SanctuarySnowball Sanctuary
TESTBED Mega Sanctuary