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Reanimated notice icon.png This page is about removed content.
This page refers to content that was in Woomy-Arras.io in the past, but has since been removed from the game. It is being kept for historical purposes.

Portal Domination, also known as PDOM, was a gamemode in Woomy-arras.io


Portal Domination has a unique design for an arena, with the map divided into 4 sections. Each section has a boundary that can only be passed through directly with the Dirigible branch tanks. Each section has a small Pentagon Nest at the center, with a dark gray portal in the middle of each nest. Halfway between each Pentagon Nest and the actual arena’s corner is a Dominator. The square surrounding the Dominator is noticeably smaller than normal. There are 4 Dominators.

At each corner of each section, there is a small pile of rocks. At the southeastern corner of the southwest section is the blue team’s base, and the red team’s at the northwestern corner of the northeast section. Both bases are shaped like a capital L, like in 2TDM Domination. Rocks that generate here are pushed closer towards the Pentagon Nest. There is one base protector in the middle of each base.


Portal Domination has a map divided into 4 sections. Each section can only be transverse directly with the Dirigible-branch tanks.


Portals are large gray squares that look similar to walls that can be passed through. When entered, you get pulled towards the middle and then in when you reach the center, you get teleported to a random other portal on the map. Depending on what angle you enter the portal, the chances of going to one section may increase. It is possible to escape portals once entering, using tanks such as Kashmir with maxed-out reload and movement speed stats. Sometimes, a player may glitch through a portal, thus moving very far away from the portal instantly.